"Seven years ago my daughter started at Velocity Dance as a shy three-year-old that liked to move to the music. Now she's a 10-year-old and loves to dance. Velocity  is a great studio, Kelly and her team are great teachers that encourage all the students to work on technique and try new styles of dance. My son watched the hip-hop class for two years while my daughter took the class and Kelly finally convinced him to try one class. He tried one class and he loved it! Thank you to Kelly and the Velocity Team for helping my children find their inner dance." ......Shari

"I have 3 girls, middle school through college. They all dance.  I am so glad I registered them with Velocity, after trying another local studio.  Overall the philosophy of the studio and how they teach is very important to me. Velocity has given my girls  opportunities to excel in what they love. They are shown the artistic side of dance along with technical training.  The students are taught to respect each other and other dancers they may know.  I think Velocity has done a wonderful job welcoming new students to the Velocity family.  I am grateful to Kelly for all she does. She goes beyond dance".......Toni

"My children have been attending Velocity Dance Works for 5 years. Kelly has energy that I have never witnessed in anyone before! She is always there with words of encouragement for her students and tries to get the parents as involved as possible.  Kelly is one of the most understanding people that I know. She cares about the students being creative while learning the art of dance. At times students have the opportunity to personally participate in the creation of a performance.  She encourages the boys who want to dance to try a class and breaks the stigma that dance is just for girls. The cost of the school is reasonable and the performance costume concept is unique and creative.  I have never had to spend too much "........ Michelle

"Velocity Dance Studio is a hidden gem in Wolcott. My daughters were ready to give up on dance, after dancing many years at another studio's recreation program.  I encouraged them to try Velocity and told them they could stop dancing if they didn't like it. They absolutely love Velocity - they learned more there in one year than they did at 5 years at the previous studio. The students are given the same amount of time and attention, regardless of ability. The Velocity students dance from the heart and are allowed to express their creativity through a combination of improvisation and choreographed routines. Kelly truly cares about each and every student and builds upon their individual strengths. I truly can not say enough about this dance studio!" ... Dance Mom of two

"Velocity Dance Works is such an amazing dance studio.  After trying a few other studios, Velocity fits our family the best. My girls feel comfortable here and enjoy the non-competitive atmosphere.  For the recital, the costumes are cute, appropriate, and very cost effective for parents.  Everyone helps each other out.  Kelly is very accommodating and helpful with any concerns I have. She takes her time to make each student and parent feel comfortable. I highly recommend this studio to all aspiring dancers!: .....Christy

 "My daughter has been dancing at Velocity Dance Works for several years now and she absolutely loves it there! She had danced at another school where she had a poor experience, but Velocity Dance Works and the incrediable staff have restored my daughter s passion for dance once again! I can t say enough great things about Velocity! The tuition is affordable, the teachers are creative and so much fun and the end of the year showcase will touch upon your emotions and leave you in awe! If your looking for a dance studio where your child is in a fun, creative and caring envirnoment where their true dance potential shines through, VELOCITY DANCE WORKS is for you!" ...... Claudia

 "My daughter Jen has danced at Velocity since it’s opening, and was also a student of Kelly’s for several years prior to that. Velocity has been a great place for my daughter to learn, and it has also provided her with many opportunities to choregraph, which she wouldn’t have been able to do at a typical dance studio. Velocity really lets the students experiment and discover what they truly love about dance.  The teachers are great at finding extra time for small groups or specialty dances if needed, especially around the time of the dance shows. The shows are always fun and exciting, and the costumes are creative and inexpensive.  The students are also able to perform in several dances  in the show, rather than just one or two , so they really get to showcase their talents. Although my daughter just graduated from high school, I know that she’ll remain a part of the Velocity family, since Kelly also offers adult classes, so hopefully we’ll be able to watch her dance with Velocity for years to come!"..... Sharon Valerio

" My two daughters have been dancing for 7 and 5 years,both with Velocity the entire time,we love the fact that they are in a fun learning environment while being in a laid back one at the same time. The low cost of the costumes at the years end is a wonderful plus. The young,talented teachers are wonderful with the kids and the technical routines at the year end showcase really shows how great the teachers are. Kelly is always tring to keep things fun and fresh for the studio and we love it! We are proud to be a part of  Velocity Dance Studio!"..... Danielle Simpson


"Two and a half years ago I decided to follow a childhood dream and start dancing, I was 15 years old. I searched all around Connecticut for a studio, barely any of them replied to me and most of them flat out told me I would be a waste of time. I was crushed and about to give up when I got a reply from the owner. She let me come last minute to a class she was teaching that night. From then on I decided to dance at velocity. Not just the teachers but the other dancers have helped me advance faster then I thought possible. I m not the only one, they constantly help other dancers. Everyone is so nice, I m so grateful for Velocity. I think more studios should be like Velocity."......Jackie R.