Welcome to the Velocity Experience

Velocity has a reputation for nurturing and mentoring students.  Our mission is to do our best to identify how to help each student, as an individual, reach their own personal fullest potential.

How Velocity and Dance helps young children.

Why Dance?  Physical fitness is something every child needs. Teaching children to love being active produces benefits that can last a lifetime.  Dance helps with coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, rhythm, and better posture.  Taking dance and movement classes, at a young age, is also a wise choice for that young child who may be your budding athlete.

Positive Development:  Dance helps young children learn to focus, increase their ability to listen and follow directions, express emotion and work on memory skills. Dance also helps develop musicality and fosters creativity. When you find that right class for your child, you will also notice a positive impact on their socialization skills.

Confidence: The right dance class can be an excellent way to strengthen their self-esteem.  We nurture children, so they can approach those tough challenges with a can-do attitude. We help them dream, believe and achieve.

Outside the box approach: At Velocity, we teach with an outside the box philosophy, even for our youngest students.  We have skilled teachers that can adapt the class curriculum to meet the needs of their current students. We also incorporate an element of creativity through freestyle and improvisation.  We have seen first hand how this boosts a childs self-esteem.  







Preschool Classes Offered

Preschool Rhythm and Movement -  An exciting, fun class that both preschool and kindergarten boys and girls will enjoy.  This class, specially designed for children, introduces the art of movement through the use of music.    The class develops motor skills and musicality.  This class is also a good preparation for children who wish to participate in competitive sports as well as the young child who wants to take other dance forms such as tap, jazz, hip hop, or ballet.

Preschool Boogie - Our exciting fun movment class for our youngest dancers.  This class is designed for two year olds and young 3 year olds. It is an indepent class (mom's and dad's wait in the lobby) and if fun for both boys and girls.  We will have a class demonstration for families to watch and film at the end of the session.

Mini Hip Hop  This class is always  positive, high energy, and fun. This is a great way to cultivate flexibility, energy, expression, interpretation, strength and coordination.

Children's Tumbling: We have Tumbling for ages 3-6.


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