Why Join Velocity?


Velocity Dance Works is a performance dance school established in 2006. We teach Dance as an art-form by providing a dance environment that helps students to learn how to dance from their “soul” and not just dance from their “sole”.   

At Velocity, we take a responsible approach to teaching our students.  We wish to develop positive attributes that will last a lifetime.  Velocity offers innovative cutting edge dance instruction and choreography in a fun and encouraging environment for children and adults.  We have classes for the serious student looking to develop strong technique or the student looking for a new hobby that exercises the mind, body and soul.


 Teaching our Children



For children, our non-competition approach to children’s dance education develops attributes that can serve the child well throughout a lifetime. These include discipline, self-respect and self-confidence; improved learning skills; creativity, self-expression, imagination; and an instilled appreciation for music, dance and other art forms.


For Teens and Adults


We offer a variety of dance classes for the teen and adult with or without dance experience.  We understand today’s student is very active and busy. We offer flexibility and understanding with our classes to accommodate the busy student who wants to study dance and has to juggle a variety of activities, academics, and work.  




Many of our alumni have continued to dance.


Current and Former Student Accomplishments Include:



  •    Teaching Associates/Assistants  
  •     Musical theater performances; local, regional  
  •     High School Competitive Dance Team Members  
  •     High School Dance Team Captains  
  •     High School Dance Team Award Winners  
  •     Scholarship recipients for national workshops 
  •     So You Think You Can Dance "Junior" auditions


  •     College Competitive Dance Team Members  
  •     College Cheerleaders  
  •     College Dance Team Captains 
  •     College Dance Ensemble Instructors  
  •     College Dance Ensemble Presidents and Choreographers  
  •     Members of pre-professional dance companies  
  •     Musical theater performances; local, regional and off-broadway  
  •     Dance teachers  
  •     Choreographers for shows 
  •     Directors of dance benefit fundraisers  
  •     Pageant Winners


  •       Middle School/High School Dance Team Coaches
  •      Cheerleading Coaches
  •      Performing Artists
  •      College Dance Team Coaches
  •      Dance Teachers
  •      Gymnastic Coaches
  •      Choreographers