Velocity wishes to provide a quality dance education for all of our students in a non-competition environment.  We work to bring out the best in each individual student regardless of their ability.  We provide a creative approach to teaching so students will have fun while learning quality dance lessons. We offer technical classes for those students who are more serious about dance, and choreography classes for the students who prefer to just have fun. We teach students to dance from their “soul” and not just their “sole”.  


The Velocity teaching staff combines years of nurturing teaching experience with the creativity of young dance professionals.  We all join together to ensure our students receive a positive dance experience.  Our team is very approachable, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Studio Phone: (203)-706-9522


Kelly Dieguez, Artistic Director: (860)-796-0136

Facebook: Velocity Dance Works Business Page


Velocity Dance Works does not have a registration fee. Students made add/change classes when appropriate during the dance season.  Tuition will be adjusted accordingly.


If a student misses a class it can be made up during the month in another like class.  Please call us if you can, to inform us that you/your child will be absent.  Velocity Dance Works 203-706-9522.


There are times the front lot can be very busy.  Please be aware of young children crossing the parking lot.  We encourage young children to be escorted to the building. Please remember to not block the driveway to the business behind Velocity Dance Works (Pat’s Pool Water has large trucks).  There is extra parking on the gravel side and in the rear parking lot.


If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather such as snow and ice, there will be a recorded message on the answering machine after 2:30 P.M. for the evening classes that will say “classes have been canceled”.  If Wolcott Public Schools are closed for the day due to inclement weather, Velocity will be closed that evening.  If you need to confirm cancellation, please call the studio after 2:30 P.M. at 203-706-9522 and listen for a message.  All lost class time will be rescheduled before the end of the year.  


Each student is encouraged to perform in our annual student showcase, and any other scheduled performance during the year.  If a student wishes to take class without participation in any of our shows, this is fine. Please let us know in advance if you/your child does not wish to participate in a performance.


Velocity generally doesn’t purchase typical dance recital costumes. Ballet/Contemporary classes may require special performance wear.  Velocity does its best to keep your dance costs low and use performance clothes that can be worn again as dance and/or street clothes.  Students will be notified of any required performance wear that will need to be purchased.  Many students may be required to purchase their performance attire on their own (such as black jazz pants, red top, etc).  Some classes may be required to purchase their ensemble through Velocity.


Velocity has an open door policy. If you would like to observe a class, please let us know. We typically keep the doors closed, because students may be distracted by the noise in the lobby area or by someone watching them.  If a student has a friend that would like to observe a class, please let the teacher know before class as common courtesy to the teacher and the class.



(Tuition information coming soon)



No Cost Item:  "CREATIVITY".  The students had the opportunity to be creative with their attire for some of their dance routines.  They looked amazing and had a lot of fun preparing.