Saturday, May 18: 

9 am - 12pm

Open rehearsal for children and youth ages 8 - 13 in our Tuesday/Wednesday classes and our Friday Mini Hip Hop Class.

(Bring tap/ballet/jazz/hip hop shoes).  This is for all students who would like additional rehearsal time. 

Sunday, May 19:

Make up classes (we have had a high level of absences in these classes, or will have for the next two weeks due to school activites, therefore we will have a long rehearsal to make-up missed time)

2pm - 4pm: Children's Ballet 2 and 3 

4pm - 6:15pm: Children's Jazz 1 and 2


Wednesday, May 22

Contemporary class is extended till 8:15


Friday, May 24: (We are open)

5:15 -6:00: Mini Hip Hop

5:15-7:00: Children's Hip Hop

6:00-7:00: Youth Hip Hop

Special Groups: See Rachel or Kelly 


Monday, May 27:

The Studio is closed for Memorial Day - Please speak with Kalee regarding our Teen Classes. No youth classes. 

Wednesday, May 29:

Monday classes make-up run through 7:30 - 10:00

Friday, May 31: 

Spring Showcase Dress Rehearsal, Wolcott High School 

Staff Arrives at 3:00 

Dance Crew assistants arrive earlier than remainder of students

Students arrive at 5:30 

Our youngest dancers will be released early


Sunday, June 2 : 

Our Annual Spring Showcase, Wolcott High School 

Wolcott High School 2:30 (doors open at 2:00)

Students arrive 1:45 

Staff and dance crew assistants arrive 1:00


Monday - Friday June 3 - 7:

We will be posting a special amended schedule for our last week of classes. 


Thursday, June 6

Older Teen Hip Hop and Animation Crew Performance, Springfield, MA

(See Andrew and Kelly) 

No regular Animation Classes will be held on Thursday

Friday, June 7: 

Last day of "Regular" Classes for Session II



Stay tuned for the following:

Ballet Boot Camp I and II

Children's Peformance Workshop

Preschool Intro to Dance Workshop





We are taking ticket order amounts the week of May 13. Please text 860-796-0136 or email the studio.

Tickets will be distributed the week of May 20. 







  • SHOE NOTE:  No White Socks
  • HAIR NOTE:  Please see Kelly for our changes to our hair style that will be utilized for this performance. 
  • LEGGINGS NOTE: Leggings must be new or appear new, not faded and of approved material. Leggings are all ankle length unless otherwise noted. 



Ballet 1

Same as in January.  If you no longer have your white skirt you need to let me know ASAP.

Ballet  2, 3 and contemporary:

Same as in January.  If you no longer have your black skirt you need to let me know ASAP.

Girls: Black camisole leotard/black skirt/nude tights and pink ballet slippers

Boys: Black Pants (see Kelly), Black t-shirt

For "Will I" please see Kalee for direction.

New Skirt Purchase:  $30 



(Please see Kalee or check back to this site)

Jazz Funk: Black leggings, black tank-top, jean jacket. Sneakers need to be Converse or black and white.

Teen Tap: Black leggings, white tank top, bracelet

Teen Contemporary: "Will I" 

Teen Contemporary:  "River" Same as in January as noted above. 

Teen Hip Hop: 


Ballet "Dance of the Reed Flutes":  Ballet classes as listed above

Ballet "Cold":  Ballet classes as listed above

Tap 1 "Mickey":  Black Leggings Purple T-shirts from Craft Store (see Kelly for shade of Purple)

Tap 2/3  "Maniac": Black Leggings and brigth t-shirts from Craft Store

Tap 3/4  "Sucker": See Kelly 

Jazz 1 and 2  "Motown Medley":  Girls Black Leggings, Boys Black Pants: Bright "festive" shirts

Teen Jazz: See Sara



Preschool: Single LadiesBlack short sleeve leotard.  Skirt from Velocity (See Kelly for Skirt $)  Head Shoulders - same as single ladies. 

Youth Intermediate Tap:  Black Leggings.  See Kelly for Top info.

Youth Contemporay: Same as in January



Velocity Intensity:(Please see Jen or check back to this site)

Velocity Intensity Teens: (Please see Jen or check back to this site)

Animation Students:  Please see Andrew)



Preschool Boogie: Same as Wed Preschool

Mini Hip Hop "Motown Medley": Same as Tuesday "Mickey" tap. Black Leggings, Purple Craft Store t-shirts 

Children's Hip Hop "90"s": Black and white combination. NO Velocity shirts for this routine. 

Youth Hip Hop "90's plus": "FRESH PRINCE" 90's hip hop style clothing

Crew:  Broken & Beautiful. Velocity Shirts. 










  •     We use fun creative costume ideas to keep your costs to a minimum and offer re-wearable choices
  •     We offer generous multiple class discounts, so the serious dancer can dance a few days a week and not break the bank
  •     We are trained, nurturing, experienced teachers who work together to provide the best experience for our students
  •     We don't just teach dance, we find that balance between classes for the serious dancer or the dancer who just wants to have fun
  •     We don't just teach dance, we mentor youth
  •     We don't just teach dance, we challenge our students to be the best they can be 
  •     We don't just teach dance, we nuture young choreographers
  •     We don't just teach dance, we nuture creativity